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Portable, versatile and built strong for schools.
"Huddlboxes provide a cross category of possibilities for a school, principal, or a coach. These things are awesome!" 
- Lev Holly - Mobile County Public Schools District Assistant Athletic Director

Why Huddlbox? 

Every school needs a mobile TV system with audio to meet requirements for outdoor classroom readiness. Huddlboxes are portable and engineered specifically for schools. They are in outdoor classrooms and used at events, PTO meetings, pep rallies, and more.

Sole Sourcing Entity

Simply put, we own the patents for our boxes and you can't get them anywhere else! This makes purchasing a box for your school a "bid-free" experience.

Outdoor Classroom


After Covid, the US Department of Education asked that every school building be equipped with an outdoor classroom. Huddlboxes can be purchased using multiple funding types like Cares Act, Technology, Title One and Grants.

Huddlboxes are backed with a 1 year warranty on the audio system, 2 year warranty on the TV and a 3 year warranty on the box.

Customized for your school

Huddlboxes come in 8 different sizes and are customized with your school graphics. The TVs connect directly to your phone or tablet for instant access to presentations, videos and music.

Contact us and a member of our team will reach out to answer your questions, discuss with funding solutions and help you select the perfect Huddlbox for your school. 

Or Call us at 251-802-5914 or email with questions.

Our Customers

See what our customers are saying about their Huddlbox.

My Huddlbox has served as a valuable administrative tool for me as a principal. We use is it PE, for field days, and many other uses!
Azure Wells - Principal Eichold-Mertz Elementary School

We ordered 3 Huddlboxes and they are used all over our campus.
Thomas Campbell - Principal Citronelle High School

When we ordered our Huddlboxes I never knew all the applications I could use them for. This is one of the most innovative products I have used in school since I have become an administrator.
Chris McCook - Principal Warner Robbins High School

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