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Education made

Never miss a critical teaching moment again with Huddlbox

"This thing is cool.  It showed up in a crate and my players had it out and working in 10 minutes. We love it!"

-Coach Gregory Vaughn

Travers City West HS, Traverse City, Michigan

ABOUT Huddlbox

 Most coaches need a larger screen for the whole team to view coachable moments with replay systems.  Huddlbox gives you peace of mind and ensures you won't be spending tons of money replacing broken televisions.  Huddlbox protects your tv, boasts a marine grade audio system, provides storage, all sitting on wheels that will conquer any terrain.   

HB Pic.jpg
Sideline Box Price2021.jpg
Gameday Box Price2021.jpg
Woods-Water Box Price.jpg
Premium Box

 Premium Box

2000 Watts Kicker Marine Audio, 4 - 8” Speakers, 12” Sub-woofer, lockable casters, customized graphics, 43” TV! cadillac version-- ONLY $4999.00

elite huddlbox.jpg

The Elite box contains a 65” tv on an up and down actuator, 5500 watts Kicker Marine Audio system, with six 8” speakers and four 12” subwoofers. Custom graphics on all boxes, lots of storage, protective case in large swivel casters.   


Elite Box


Get your huddlbox 

Phone Operator

Step 1

Contact us by phone or email to speak to a representative

sponsor box.jpg

Step 2

Discuss your design. Customize your box with team logos and even help fund your purchase by including sponsors


Step 3 

Finalize order and receive Huddlbox

SKY TV.jpg

Step 4

Connect your replay system


Step 5

Maximize coaching opportunities

"This is spectacular. We will use it with pride. Roll Tide!"

Dana Duckworth 

University of Alabama Gymnastics

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