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Huddle up with huddlbox!

Bringing the classroom to the sideline or bench in real-time, Huddlbox is taking the sports world by storm with its revolutionary product called, Huddlbox. For individual skills training, to going over the blocking schemes, Huddlbox is changing the game.


What we do

We Build The Ultimate Toolkit for coaches and player development, The Huddlbox!

The coaches corner was specifically created for coaches and trainers interested in improving player development and team performance. We have a simple 3 step process that makes owning a Huddlbox as easy as 1,2,3.

 Connect to your ipad or smart phone in order to stream live video directly into your Huddlbox. This allows you immediate access to recorded video of all previous activity. It also comes with a HDMI cable.
Most learning in sports is usually before and after a game or practice. The Huddlbox now offers real time analysis for coaches by bringing a level of science and critique not readily available on the sidelines.
 Like changing the frequency of sound with an equalizer, the Huddlbox affords teams the same opportunity to improve performance on the field through live interaction before, after, and during the game.

Easy as “Hut 1,2,3,”

We did our best to simplify the buying process for schools, parks; recreation, trainers and other organizations. The coaches corner was specifically designed with high schools in mind. 

1. Sign Up!

Begin by setting up a username and password. All that’s left to do now is select the style, color and logo you would like to have on your Huddlbox and proceed to checkout.

2. Get W9 Information

Huddlbox provides it’s W9 information which provides our Tax ID information and vendor verification.

3. Get Purchase Order

A Coach will then give us a check number before we ship. Or you can use electronic purchase features such as a Credit Card or routing numbers. We then will immediately ship your Huddlbox to your school or organization. 

Made For Coaches By Coaches

Just like any handyman’s toolkit, the Huddlbox is built with a rugged design. From heavy-duty plywood, aluminum trim, to its riveted construction, your Huddlbox is designed specifically for portability. It’s oversized tires are built to negotiate any outdoor terrain and extreme weather conditions.

  • Stream video from iPad or Android phone

  • Sync to press box or camera systems

  • User friendly and practical

  • Transportable

  • Heavy Duty metal handles

Designed For All Sports!

Huddlbox is creating innovative solutions for smarter coaches and player development. Whether playing football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, etc, the Huddlbox is your ultimate team player giving you insights and analysis in real time. No need to make all those corrections in the locker room. Now you can make quick adjustments that can give your team a competitive advantage. It’s portable, durable and you can take it almost anywhere. The Huddlbox gives you immediate insight on things you need to improve on quickly. The Huddlbox was designed with the purpose of optimizing overall team performance. Win more games this season with the best coaching and player development tool on the market. From game film analysis, comprehensive statistics, to streamlining sharing tools that will get you ready to get your game on.

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